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15/11/2020 (Sunday) 1:30 pm

Inaugural Holy Mass with music from the 18th century

The Old Parish Church in Białystok / online broadcast


  • Gregoriana Sancti Casimiri Vocal Ensemble
  • Mulierum Sanctae Hedvigis Vocal Ensemble
  • Karol Jurgielewicz - organ

The performance, among others, includes:

Missa 2 in F by Jakub Gołąbek (1739–1789), Piotrkowczyk's Chorale from the 17th century.

During the Holy Mass inaugurating the Festival, chants from the Piotrkowczyk Gradual from the 18th century and Missa 2 in F by Jakub Gołąbek (1739-1789), a composer and singer who first worked in the band of St. Mary's Church, and from around 1774 until the end of his life in the cathedral band at Wawel