November 5, 2023 (Sunday) 19:00

Dance performance - Sobieski and Marysieńka

Ton Cinema in Białystok

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  • Cracovia Danza Balett

Event description:

A loud romance, great love, a happy marriage and great politics united Jan III Sobieski and Maria Casimire d'Arquien, known as Marysieńka. The extraordinary relationship of the royal couple, which is perfectly reflected in King John's Letters to his beloved wife, preserved to this day, became the inspiration for the Cracovia Court Ballet's performance Danza Sobieski and Marysieńka. The main theme of the performance are the events related to the king's triumphant return from Vienna, the 350th anniversary of which we celebrate in 2023. The language of dance and pantomime shows the waiting for the winner, the touching meeting of the spouses after a long separation and the great spectacle prepared for her husband by Marysieńka. The show captures the atmosphere of the Polish royal court, where Polish, French and Oriental cultures intertwined in the 17th century. They compete in dance, so in the performance Polish and French courtiers and Turks defeated by Sobieski and brought to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth demonstrate their skills. The performance also includes references to the culture of antiquity, so valued in the times of Sarmatia.

Staging: Romana Agnel, Choreography: Romana Agnel, Leszek Rembowski, Costumes: Monika Polak-Luścińska, Props: Maciej Luściński

Founded by Romana Agnel, a dancer and choreographer, is the only professional historical dance company in Poland specializing in baroque dance. Choreographies composed in various styles and techniques, often recreated from old treatises, elaborate costumes, and excellent music - these are the characteristics of the Ballet's performances. The group's current repertoire includes over 20 performances ranging from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. The group also promotes the Polish dance tradition. The ballet takes part in many prestigious cultural events throughout Poland and abroad. Moreover, since 2000, Cracovia Danza has been organizing the Court Dance Festival in Krakow, which attracts dance masters from all over the world to the Vistula River. Education is also an important element of the team's activities. The ballet continues the activities of the Ardente Sole Court Ballet and the Foundation operating under the same name, founded in 1998 by Romana Agnel. The institution was established with the aim of creating the best possible working conditions for dancers creating a unique, unique professional historical dance group in Poland, boasting many significant artistic and organizational successes as well as achievements in the field of popularizing high culture and artistic education.

Dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, art historian; founder of the only professional Court Ballet in Poland, Cracovia Danza (formerly "Ardente Sole") - Municipal Cultural Institution in Krakow, of which she is the General and Artistic Director. A graduate of the Social Ballet School in Krakow (class of Prof. M. Mirocka). She graduated in art history from the University of Paris (Sorbonne). In France, she learned the dances of various nations and specialized in character and historical dances ("Le Ballet Légendaire d'Ile de France", "Le Bal Paré", 7th Conservatory in Paris, "Thěâtre Baroque de France"). She is also a dancer of the Indian classical dance Bharata Natyam, which she learned from Smt. M. K. Saroja in Madras. She collaborated with outstanding personalities from the world of ballet, theater and music, developing choreographies for baroque, classical and old Polish operas presented on stages in Poland and abroad. She is the author of choreography and stage movement for performances presented in many theaters (including the J. Słowacki Theater, STU Theater, Ludowy Theater, "Groteska" Theater in Krakow; K. Dejmek Nowy Theater in Łódź; Rampa Theater in Warsaw) and in Operas and Musical Theaters (including Theater Atelier Lyrique in Tourcoimg, Theater Champs Elysées in Paris - France; Conservatory Theater in Oberlin - USA; Concertgebouw in Amsterdam - the Netherlands; Margraves' Opera in Bayreuth - Germany; Theater " "Pod Palmovkou" in Prague - Czech Republic; Warsaw Chamber Opera, Krakow Opera - Poland). The artist collaborated with outstanding musicians and conductors (E. Stefańska, U. Bartkiewicz, M. Pomianowska, K. Baumann, T. Karolak, Wł. Kłosiewicz, V. de Kort, J.-C. Makgoir, J. Ter Linden , S. Stadler, S. Standag, K. Weiss) and directors (J. Stokalska, L. Adamik, A. Carré, K. Dejmek, Wł. Nurkowski, J. Polewka, R. Peryt, A. Weltschek, G. Wiśniewski, K. Zanussi). Romana Agnel is the creator of most of the choreography for the performances of the Cracovia Danza Court Ballet and the originator and Artistic Director of the "Cracovia Danza" Court Dance Festival, which takes place annually at the turn of July and August in Krakow. In addition, she conducts regular classes in historical dances at the Academy of Music in Krakow and at the FCUM - Phila in Białystok, as well as numerous courses and lectures in her specializations. For years, he has been promoting the classical Indian dance Bharatha Natyam in Poland and abroad, at the same time being an ambassador of Polish and European dance in India.

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