21 X 2023 (Sobota) godz. 19:00

Chamber concert - "A Series of Unfortunate Events - The Musical History of Medieval Scotland"

The Aula Magna of the Branicki Palace

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  • Gaita (Scotland)

Event description:

The history of the medieval Scottish kings, from the dynasty founded by Malcolm Canmore to the Stewarts, is a series of brief periods of stability and hope punctuated by disaster and misfortune. Beset by the troubles of the English, the Norwegians, the papacy and, most often, their own nobility, these kings rarely died in peace.

The programme tells a short history of Scottish kings, courts and musicians of the 13th and 14th centuries. It includes music written in Scotland (St Andrews Music Book, Inchcolm Antiphoner), music exploring the attitudes of others towards Scotland and other contemporary sources, all interwoven with a narrative overview of this fascinating period of Scottish history and its relationship to music.

A Scottish band specializing in medieval music, which performs its music in a medieval context. The core of the band's repertoire is secular and court music from medieval Europe - especially from Scotland, France, Spain and Italy.

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