October 15, 2023 (Sunday) 19:00

Concert titled "Kantičkos and Devotional Songs"

Church of Our Lady of Fatima in Białystok

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  • GŠ Ansamblis (Litwa)
  • Starosielskie Brotherhood of Singers (Poland)

Event description:

GŠ Ansamblis and the Starosielski Brotherhood of Singers. Saint With a joint concert, Stanisława takes listeners to the world of traditional singing, showing the interpenetration of melodies, performance styles and singing traditions at the crossroads of Lithuanian and Polish cultures. These are different languages, but one music that brings people together and allows for a communal experience of beauty and the elevation of the soul to God. Religious songs taken from the Catholic tradition of the Archdiocese of Vilnius (to which Białystok also belonged for centuries) will be presented. The common history of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is also a commitment to getting to know each other, cultivating contacts and artistic cooperation today.

Vilnius band founded to provide musical setting for the liturgy at the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in Vilnius. The band members fulfill their task not only by singing during the liturgy, but also by deepening their knowledge about the place of their service, its past, and the broadly understood tradition of religious music in Lithuania. When working on the repertoire, they draw inspiration from both early music and traditional music. In 2022, the band released the album Clavis Coeli with liturgical music from an 18th-century manuscript of the Vilnius Bernardines.

The group has been operating in Białystok since 2013 as part of the Ministry of the Latin Tradition of the Archdiocese of Białystok. The subject of his interests and activities is the reconstruction and performance of traditional songs, derived from Polish ritual (folk), customary and patriotic traditions. The group annually takes part in the Evenings of Remembrance of Captain Witold Pilecki (since 2014) and in traditional singing workshops and concerts during the Starosielski May Day Festival (since 2015). In 2019, together with the Jericho Ensemble and Bartosz Izbicki, he inaugurated the International Festival of Early Arts. Izabela Branicka, and also performed during the Old Polish Culture Festival "Starosielskie Presentations". In 2020, he performed during the Republic of Poland Tradition Day and the Old Polish Culture Festival "Starosielskie Presentations". His singing also adds splendor to Independence Marches in Warsaw, performing patriotic and religious songs. In 2023, it is implementing the educational project "Workshops with the Brotherhood of Singers" at the Castle in Pułtusk, addressed to men interested in traditional singing, aimed at integrating the musical environment and getting to know each other about singers who share the religious and patriotic values promoted by the group.

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